Reactions from University Health Network Fall course participants

  1. What do you remember that stands out for you?

I can take charge, but cannot control or outsmart life. Instead, I need to consciously decide day in and day out to say yes to my life events, relate to life as good and embrace the challenges that arise. So intentionally reflect and find the meaning and insight from these day-to-day events.

“Leadership is not charisma, it’s a skill” “The only person you have control over is you” “There is a reason we feel/think a certain way, reflecting on that will help guide our decisions” “We always have a choice, no decision is a decision”

2.     What new insights have emerged for you from the program?

New insights that have emerged from the program are exploring what I care about and taking responsibility for it. Refusing to give up on anyone or any situation.

I particularly enjoyed the Social Pioneer and the Transestablishment Style sections. At this point you can really start to see the importance individuals have in transforming society. The concept of bridging anti-establishment and pro-establishment was new for me and gives me a place to orient from.

Looking at meaning of life event or “non events of life” and relationships in a more meaningful way. Pause, learn from it and appreciate the opportunity.

Being aware of my “care” areas helps me not to procrastinate.

Learning to question decisions from various angles is important to understanding different perspectives

You can be a leader within your community, you don’t need to be a charismatic prodigy, all it requires is dedication and vocation.

I became aware that I am less aware of historical events/figures than many of the peers I interacted with. I designated this as a goal moving forward; to pay more attention to global issues

Almost every time there is a solution for a problem

3. What concepts or ideas will you apply from this program?

A new method of reflecting. Considering more perspectives; Trying to be more present and more of a signal presence.

Look at issues beyond a personal level, and instead take more of a comprehensive perspective. Think beyond myself and let my attention go to broader issues that I see in my daily life and that of others. I will ultimately get true meaning from life by letting my attention go to these broader issues in my team, organization and broader and then adopting a trans-establishment stance to help everyone progress to a better state and future.

Compassion (showing empathy, kindness, caring, non-judgmental and listening); Comprehensive (understanding and listening to a variety of opinions as opposed to just your own) and acknowledge everyone for their uniqueness; Group reflection (sharing one’s feelings to others/team can open a dialogue that one was afraid to share or unsure if others experiencing the same issue); Signal presence (being present and practice active listening and attending events to show your interest/gratitude/concerns);

I will ask myself questions that I came across while reading the textbook and ensure a decision based on the compass is made.

4. How would you describe the value of this program to others?

I would describe the value of this program as reflective, insightful and inspiring. The positive energy of the facilitators makes me want to continue exploring this book and apply the concepts to both my professional and personal life.

Excellent for self-reflection on how and where one would want to make a difference personally and professionally.

This program provided exception value. It’s a program that will change the way you address problems not only at work, but in your everyday life.

There is a tremendous amount of self-learning. The opportunity to examine and reflect on your life, your way of responding to different situations and how you can adjust, change and improve upon that is immensely valuable.

To be a leader of others you have to start with being leader to yourself. Life itself is the best teacher if you pay attention. The concepts taught during this course help with “paying attention”.

I would definitely recommend this course to others. It is has helped me see things in so many different ways and I know this may sound cliché, but internally, I feel like I have turned into a new being with so much more wisdom, patience, and thoughtfulness

This course will help others be better at decision making and develop care for self and others.

Very valuable, provides understanding of abstract concepts that can be applied to real life situations

I think this a great program if you are looking for guidance or just figuring out your path, it helps you do some soul-searching.

How did your understanding of Leadership change as a result of the program?

My understanding changed because I realize what an impact my decisions have on others – That one person can really make a difference. That right or wrong is not as important as doing what is necessary. I also realized how important it is to surround yourself with people that have a similar vision.

One thing I realized is sometimes I take things personally. But I have to respect others ideas and accept. I’m working on it after this course. Thanks!

Leadership is more than being in a position of authority or management. It’s about the attitude of how we handle situations and work/lead a team or project. It’s a skill that can be developed.

Now I think that leaders can be from all different positions. It is more about the qualities, style and actions of the person than the status of their position.

As mentioned in above questions, I now realize that leadership is SO much more than techniques, strategies and specific skills. All of those are of course required, but now I understand that my internal attitude, perceptions and my overall mindset (including my relation to others and myself) are the cornerstone of leadership.

With all the concepts we’ve learned, I view the term “leader” in a whole new different perspective than I did before. Being a leader is not just about the title, it is about your views, values, actions, messages, attitude, and the way you carry yourself. It is so easy to find leaders everywhere and that everyone has the potential of being a great leader.

Leadership involves many aspects and begins with the understanding of ourselves in order to understand the world around us.

I see leadership as more than just being the boss at work. Leadership can be in all areas of life, regardless of what power or influence you might have on others.

My understanding of the term leader has changed. I see leadership as a journey within ourselves and also in the roles we play. Few people are born as leaders but take on the role out of necessity, circumstance or the need to change the norm.


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