About the Course

Lead from where you Stand

‘Outside of our job titles and resumes, away from our to do lists and calendars, there is a place we have reserved for leadership. It is a place of potential, where we can go to see things differently, foresee positive change, and find the courage to lead. Its a place we too often see from afar and struggle to get near.’ D. Buwalda – Course Administrator

ICA Canada’s The Courage to Lead study series brings people together to consider the meaning of leadership in their lives at home, in work, and in society. It approaches leadership, not as a skill-set to attain, but as a practice you can explore. It allows partipants the opportunity to share in ICA’s fifty years of research and development while offering the space to share their own leadership experiences.

Starting on Thursday, March 31st and continuing to Thursday, May 19th, from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m., the eight-week Leadership series follows the book “The Courage to Lead” by R. Brian Stanfield. This non-traditional leadership program has an emphasis on personal growth and reflection and will be of interest to anyone seeking to develop themselves as leaders in all walks of life. It is about the foundational context for leadership. The study is not about leadership skills development. As such, the program requires reading (2 chapters per week) and exercise work that needs to be completed outside of class time. This program explores twelve leadership stances, any one of which, if adopted, has the potential to change your life and community.

There will be an orientation session on Thursday, March 31st. At this session, the Courage to Lead textbook will be distributed to all participants. If you are interested in enrolling in this Thursday evening program, please register online here SPRING 2016 or contact ica@icacan.org / 416 691 2316 x2247.

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