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The practical implication for leadership is that one’s being rather than one’s knowledge or skill determines one’s effectiveness as a leader. As David Brooks puts it in The Social Animal, “… viewpoints and emotions can leap from friend to friend … the unconscious is a place where spiritual states arise and dance from soul to soul ….” The Courage to Lead offers a route to becoming a presence that others will follow.
– John Epps, PhD., LENS International (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Many of us can master techniques. But transformative leadership which releases the spirit and possibilities of the groups and individuals we serve is more than techniques. It is about how we show up, what we value, our relationship to our work and life. The Courage to Lead reminds me of what I know to be essential about leadership and helps me coach those learning Technology of Participation (ToP)® methods.
– Jane Stallman, Founding and Senior Partner, Center for Strategic Facilitation, and study leader for this book (Oakland, CA)

Brian, this note is in deep appreciation for writing the book, The Courage to Lead. It is one of the clearest and most inspiring books I have ever read. My appreciation is for who you are and the you that is as real as it gets.
– Douglas Purcell, Visionary Coach (Prince Albert, Saskatchewan)

These days, the complexity of life seems to live us paralyzed. The Courage to Lead will help people move out of their paralysis and invite them to join the ranks of those social pioneers who create what is needed for the 21st century. The book speaks to you in a strange language that you do not at first remember but that you will eventually recognize as your mother tongue.
– David Patterson, CEO, Northwater Capital Management

The Courage to Lead provided me with a great deal of guidance and support at a time when I needed to make significant life decisions. It also provided me with a framework and a language to understand who I am, where I needed to be and where I wanted to go. I recommend this course to everyone who is open to a transformative experience in which one brings many important life questions life questions into focus.
– Garret Keown, Teacher-in-Training, Lakehead University

325 University Health Network (UHN) staff have participated in The Courage to Lead study program over the five years. The fundamental principles in the book align with our belief that “everyone can lead from where they stand.” We think that leadership is not about a formal role or job title but about a philosophy, values and attitude in how one approaches life. This program has helped staff tap into the leader within themselves and, in doing so, has supported our mission to deliver excellent patient-centered care.
– Irene Wright, Senior Development Manager, Human Resources, University Health Network





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