More Than 50 Ways to Build Team Consensus

50waysMore Than 50 Ways to Build Team Consensus
2nd Edition
by R. Bruce Williams

Available online at Amazon, in hardcover or ebook format.


“As a single source of ideas for facilitators and school leaders, this book is excellent. The author very thoroughly covers the material, and the procedures are easy to follow.”
-Stephen H. Laub, Principal
Rolla Junior High School, MO

Foster committed, participative teamwork in any environment!

Today’s workplace is increasingly shifting from top-down, authoritative leadership to engendering participation from all the stakeholders in a team. In response to this ever-growing trend, R. Bruce Williams provides group facilitators with insights and research about teams working together to reach consensus and accomplish their goals. This revised edition presents current brain research and its implications for team leaders and members, and explores the growing importance of participative processes in collaborative working environments.

In a user-friendly format, Williams offers more than 50 practical, step-by-step activities and strategies for immediate implementation, with real-life examples to assist in the consensus-building process. The activities address the four main components of full consensus:

  • Creating a purposeful vision
  • Effecting participative processes
  • Fostering individual commitment
  • Building strong collaborative teams

Use this valuable “road map” to set the stage for establishing consensus and effecting successful collaborative teamwork!

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