The Courage to Lead

ResizeImageHandler.ashxThe Courage to Lead
Transform Self, Transform Society
2nd Edition
by R. Brian Stanfield

Available online at iuniverse, in hardcover or ebook format.
ISBN: 978-1-47591-001-8

To transform society, we first need to transform ourselves. The Courage to Lead starts from this premise and delivers a strong, simple message: if you relate authentically to life, to yourself, to the world and to society, you start the process of social change. Grounded in more than fifty years of in-depth research and practical experience in over thirty nations, The Courage to Lead uses a large canvas to paint a vivid picture of leadership in its many forms: personal, family, work, organization, community. Activist stories from around the world demonstrate the profound premise and inspires a deep understanding of leadership. This is a book that changes lives.

Note: For information about running a Courage to Lead program in your community please contact If you are interested in a group order of The Courage to Lead book please follow CTL.

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