Il Ngwesi Community Partnership

The Il Ngwesi Community Partnership is a continuation of the Listen to the Drumming HIV/AIDS partnership with the Masaai community of Il Ngwesi in Central Kenya.

It’s been ten years since ICA and Il Ngwesi embarked on a courageous HIV/AIDS prevention program and their leadership capacity continues to grow. Last year, they built a comprehensive community plan. And this year, a community development officer has been appointed to begin implementing strategy. A volunteer ICA committee supports this work as advisors, fundraisers and networkers. You can look forward to updates as things progress.

How an African village brought HIV/AIDS under control: a success story
(Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto – Summary: Alanna Mitchell, Original Report: Katharine Hagerman)

Controlling HIV/AIDS in Our Community: The Story of Success in Il Ngwesi (published in the 2010 HSRC Review: Human Sciences Research Council)
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