Our Approach

Our Mission

The mission of ICA Canada is to develop the leadership capacity of all people to contribute to positive social change through research, publishing, education and social change projects.

Since ICA Canada’s beginning, thousands of people have passed through our doors, learned the skills they needed, and gone into the world to help transform their organizations, their communities and society as a whole.

We are at a point where new research and demonstration is needed to create a brighter world. We need to equip ourselves and society’s leaders with the new skills, structures and mindsets to handle today’s complex problems.

The challenge is to develop new forms of human community that will carry us forward. This will require a powerful group of people committed to creating the future.

Join ICA Canada today and become part of an organization that is a powerful force for social change in the world.

Our Vision

ICA CANADA set out nearly 40 years ago to build capacity for people to work within their communities towards positive social change. It was formed by people who found courage and excitement in an organization built from within, whose greatest asset is each other. They saw a place to bring their ideas, experience and questions into a common ground where everyone participates in building shared meaning.

ICA is sustained by a vision of participation as more than a tool of change, more than a methodology. It is an engine propelling people to work towards common goals. It is a propeller urging community action forward, small change after small change. We bring people into a process which may transform them or help them maintain what is most valuable.

It is our belief that we need everyone’s wisdom for the wisest result and the widest impact.


1) We take a comprehensive and historical perspective in any situation and work to change the whole system.
2) We place energy where it will make the most difference.
3) In our relations with others, we collaborate with respect, caring and mutual support.
4) We value human relations and the human capacity as the key to making a difference.
5) We focus on core change in society based on the reality of what can be sustained at this time.
6) We embody and model participation in everything that we do by balancing leadership and teamwork.
7) We are committed to integrity, transparency and accountability throughout our organization in everything we say, do and believe.
8) We bring intention and conscious awareness into our everyday life.

Our Working Assumptions

  1. Everyone has wisdom.
  2. We need everyone’s wisdom for the wisest result.
  3. There are no wrong answers.
  4. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  5. Everyone will be heard and will hear others.


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