About ICA Canada

Who We Are

The Canadian Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA Canada) is a member of ICA International, a global network established in 1960 and now implementing social change in over 36 countries. ICA International holds consultative status II with the United Nations. Since 1976, ICA Canada, with its own elected Board of Directors, has been part of this global network.

We are a non-profit organization primarily supported by volunteers and donors. Our revenue comes from individual and institutional donations and partnerships, as well as from our publications, course royalties, special events and learning forums. This revenue is used for education, publishing, research and social development projects. Tax deductible receipts will be issued for your charitable donation. For over two decades ICA Canada has promoted, supported and enabled positive social transformation through teaching and practicing ToP™ methods of participation.

Apart, But Together

In 1999 the organization took new shape with two separate, but complementary, bodies: ICA Associates Inc., and ICA Canada. ICA Associates Inc. provides training and consulting and ICA Canada will continue to work, on a not-for-profit basis, with communities, societies and individuals to contribute to positive change. The mission of ICA Canada is to develop the capacity of all people to contribute to positive social change through research, publishing, education and social change projects. Since ICA Canada’s beginning, thousands of people have passed through our doors, learned the skills they needed, and gone into the world to help transform their organizations, their communities and society as a whole.

Join Us Today 

We are at a point where new research and demonstration is needed to create a brighter world. We need to equip ourselves and society’s leaders with the new skills, structures and mindsets to handle today’s complex problems.The challenge is to develop new forms of human community that will carry us forward.

This will require a powerful group of people committed to creating the future. Join ICA Canada today and become part of an organization that is a powerful force for social change in the world.

Ownership of The Technology of Participation (ToP®)

ToP® (The Technology of Participation) was created by ICA to provide people with structured methods to recognize all contributions, to help groups deal with large amounts of data in a short time, to pool participants’ contributions into larger, more information rich patterns, and to successfully deal with polarization, conflict and diversity.

In Canada, ICA Canada owns the Technology of Participation ToP® trade mark and the intellectual property rights. This training manual is copyrighted by ICA Canada. As a course graduate you may copy pages and use them free of charge in your organization or in situations where you are using them with no fee attached. In situations in which the methods or materials are being used for profit, you are encouraged to submit a 10% royalty fee to ICA Canada in recognition and support of ICA’s continuing development of participatory methods. It is possible to establish a collaborative relationship with ICA Canada for the regular use of the materials as well as for the joint facilitation and marketing of services.

Our General Manager is David Buwalda who has been with us for the last four years. David has a 12 years history working with ICA Canada and with ICA partners around the world running workshops, and managing operations.

Contact Us ICA Canada is a registered charity and accepts donations and volunteer efforts in support of its mission. Please contact ICA Canada at ica@icacan.org or at (416)-691-2316 x 2247.



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