This non-traditional leadership program teaches an understanding of leadership based on a simple message: if you relate authentically to life, to yourself, to society and to the world, you can create change wherever you are.

Based on the book, The Courage to Lead, this highly popular program provides ongoing courses at the University Health Network with over 500 participants to date. Many have commented on the courses power for personal development:

“The Courage to Lead is more than a guide on how to shape ourselves to become better leaders. It is highly influential on how we can maximize our existence on earth.” S.W.

“The Courage to Lead… makes me realize that I can create positive change in world any time, on a large or small scale – and that in fact I already do – simply by relating authentically to myself, to all parts of life, and to everyone I meet along the journey.” S.B.

“I have acquired a greater sense of social responsibility and the small and the big ways that people show courage – so I will look to ask myself how I can care in my community”. R. S.

“I found myself eager to read the book and looking forward to Tuesday night. Still so much to learn. The class did not offer a “to do” list of what was a great leader but rather it was much more profound”. D. B.

“A great opportunity to learn about yourself. It would benefit anyone open to self-reflection. It is about the courage to engage in life authentically and fully”. J. B.

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