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ICA CANADA set out nearly 40 years ago to build capacity for people to work within their communities towards positive social change. It was formed by people who found courage and excitement in an organization built from within, whose greatest asset is each other. They saw a place to bring their ideas, experience and questions into a common ground where everyone participates in building shared meaning.

ICA is sustained by a vision of participation as more than a tool of change, more than a methodology. It is an engine propelling people to work towards common goals. It is a propeller urging community action forward, small change after small change. We bring people into a process which may transform them or help them maintain what is most valuable. It is our belief that we need everyone’s wisdom for the wisest result and the widest impact.

Our members believe in the power of people to collaborate and steer a new course for themselves in society. They volunteer on our committees, contribute financially, and make up our board. ICA members are our greatest assets; they hold the experience of our approach and the knowledge of our impact. They share in applying our intellectual property in their personal, and professional lives.

People visiting our website or attending an event often want to know: ‘what is it you do exactly?’

Our members are the best at answering this question. They do so through stories, through experiences, and in the knowledge that they are personally involved in the life of ICA Canada. Our impact, our identity, and our mission are inseparable from our membership.

In 2015 we are offering an annual membership for $20. That fee covers some
of the cost of holding our AGM (June 4th) and taking care of administration, sending newsletters, and hosting meetings. It entitles each member to vote at the AGM, receive invitations to events and represent ICA in their communities.

Members are asked to get involved with our Indigenous Leadership and Language Initiative, the Il Ngwesi Partnership, and the Leadership Community of Practice. We want you to join these conversations, to share ideas and grow our impact in the communities we serve. We invite you to join our mission to develop the leadership capacity of people to contribute to positive social change.

We want to support you in your community work. ICA members are invited to host their own events at our downtown Toronto facility. For a reasonable fee, we can book our training room on weekends and weeknights for your meeting of up to 18 people. We ask that at least one ICA member be present at the meeting and we ask that you facilitate your event in the spirit of ICA Canada’s values. We are located at 401 Richmond St. West, a centrally located, beautiful and historic building which is worth visiting in its own right. Please join us here on June 4th to attend our annual general meeting, see the building, and become a member.

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