The Courage to Lead?

As many of us know, leadership is the number one factor in an organization’s success or failure. According to a Gallup study, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. No doubt, leaders greatly influence employee engagement. In fact, research shows that people leave managers, not companies. In the words of Kofi Annan, “the world is experiencing a crisis of leadership, not a crisis of knowledge”.

  • Have you ever considered what the concept of leadership means to you?
  • Have you ever thought about what motivates you to lead?
  • Have you ever thought about what it takes to affect positive change?

If some of these questions have ever crossed your mind, this course will certainly have great insights to offer.

Starting on Thursday, March 31st to Thursday, May 19th, from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m ICA Canada will be offering an eight-week Leadership series titled The Courage to Lead. This non-traditional leadership program has an emphasis on personal growth and reflection and will be of interest to anyone seeking to develop themselves as leaders in all walks of life.

ICA Canada continues to do great transformative work with the University Heath Network (UHN) and various communities in Canada and abroad to help develop the leadership capacity of individuals committed to positive social change.

If this course sparks an interest, please check out the flyer attached for more information. If you would like to register, please  contact David Buwalda (contact info below).

Also, if you know of someone who would be interested in the course, kindly pass along this information. Virginia Kanyogonya – Participant

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  1. I just saw your Courage to Lead course ad. I’m in the US and trump with his people will assume governmental power soon. For many of us, especially Blacks, Muslims and Hispanics, trump’s presidency is likely to lead to draconian measures that could result in loss of legal protection, loss of property, and loss of life. So can you tell where in the US this is offered, when, and the cost? Also, can you provide more details on the course content? If this course ever been used in political circumstances as a tool to develop and/or unchanged local political leadership, can you provide examples, or give sources?

    Thank you for any help you give.

  2. Hi Hubert,
    I am interested to know how you came across the course. We are working on an online/blended version of this course that might be of interest to you. We see that there is a connection between things happening on our continent politically and the meaning behind this course. We appreciate that you’ve made that connection as well. Please hang on for more information from us about the roll out of the course.
    David Buwalda

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