A few remarks from The Courage to Lead participants:

The Courage to Lead is a hard course to capture in words. Rather than transfer information about leadership strategies, it is a course developed to encourage new ways of personal reflection as a means to moving things forward. As one of our participants put it, the course “doesn’t teach Leadership Skills” but emphasizes “Leadership Development.”

You, me, all of us, can “lead from where we stand.”

Instead of trying here to describe The Courage to Lead, I have excerpted a few phrases shared by our most recent course participants at the University Health Network. These explain something of the experience of the courseand how it benefit them:

  • I was feeling skeptical that the course would be “fluffy”, but was surprised how “real” the concepts were and that they truly could be applied to our everyday and work lives.
  • Asking the question of what is necessary and acknowledging that things I may have viewed as bothersome tasks (i.e. laundry, groceries, cleaning etc.) are part of care and that there is no point to life without care.
  • Leadership can be scary because there are not necessarily clear cut answers or right things to say or do in any particular situation.
  • Being able to speak out in a group setting.
  • How necessary a program like this is for growing emerging leaders.
  • I do not have to immediately have the answers in order to be a social pioneer.
  • Anyone in a leadership role should take this course. It provides fresh perspective on how to lead with courage.
  • A leadership course that is not about steps but rather about discovering what you already have inside you that can allow you to lead.
  • This program is not about competition or success. This is more like meditations making peace with one’s self and living life to its full potential.
  • Meeting others and getting to share experiences together as we try to find “the courage to lead” is a unique and wonderful process.
  • Time well spent!
  • It is a profound reflection on self which can filter into your life in positive ways both at work and in your personal life
  • The program teaches a person building blocks or foundation upon which more specific leadership skills can be applied.
  • Very high value.
  • Really there are no words as others will get out of this program something that may be different from my experience. But, I feel certain that it will surely be a positive experience. 
  • It really changed the way I think about everyday situations.
  • Its interactive, engaging and encompasses involvement from everyone.
  • Fantastic facilitations who provided a comfortable and safe environment for learning and sharing.
  • Thank you for your time, energy and stories. I have learned more than I thought I would… and probably don’t realize yet how much this content will be helpful on the journey ahead.



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