Community Development Intensive

Grassroots Whole Systems Approach

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Pre-Requisite : None *

*The CDI is not part of the PFP, FLP or AFP but contains many of the methods in all of these programs with specific application for community development.

The CDI is a five-day event about community development as whole systems change. This is a practical, how-to lab on tools and methods for empowering communities and groups. The key to community development lies in people working together to meet changing social and economic needs. The methods in this course have been used around the world for over 40 years.

  • Ensure grass roots participation.
  • Motivate groups to action.
  • Develop a grass roots vision.
  • Analyze the obstacles and create innovative strategies.
  • Convert plans into visible, do-able projects.
  • Build supportive relationships.
  • Sustain cross-sectoral collaboration.
  • Generate a sustainable development process.


Increase community participation and involvement by adopting a community development approach.

  • Learn to facilitate economic self-sufficiency, community identify and shared leadership
  • Increase motivation, commitment and competence in your community initiative
  • Increase levels of responsibility with tools to make resident’s efforts effective.

These methods and applications can increase your ability to catalyze initiatives in your community with:

  • Increased participation and involvement.
  • Deeper sense of purpose and motivation.
  • Sense of ownership and responsibility for their community.

Plan your project with maximum support and involvement of stakeholders. Keep a your project moving; so people don’t falter after a good beginning.

You can register on Eventbrite at a special non-profit rate, if you qualify.

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