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Send a Girl to a Girls Camp

100 girls will be attending a girl’s camp November 20th – December 8th to receive education on reproductive health, including the health and legal impacts of Female Genital Mutilation.

With your support of $20, a girl in the community will have an opportunity to attend the camp!

To donate, please visit our CanadaHelps page. Thank you!

Support Anti-FGM Community Ceremony

In mid-November 2017, the community plans to undertake a blessings ceremony to bless the girls planning to undergo an Alternative Rite of Passage in December. The Maasai community believes that stopping the practice may result in a curse, hence the need for elders to bless the girls and their families that have decided to stop the practice. Over 1,000 people are estimated to attend.

With your financial support, we can provide logistical support to the event and create awareness to the wider community on the need to support girl rights and end the practice in Il Ngwesi. Our fundraising target is $5,000.

To donate, please visit our CanadaHelps page. Thank you!



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